The Foundation

The importance of music is unquestionable in terms of artistic wealth And for that reason access to it cannot be denied to anyone. It is society which has to adapt to remove the barriers and make it accessible to all. With this collection we present here it is our aim to demolish that first wall, the starting-off point to then continue this project on future occasions.

Become a member of the “Open Music Foundation”

The “Open Music Foundation” offers you the possibility to become a non-paying member, a collaborating member (€25 annual fee) or a sponsor member (voluntary fee). Fees are tax-deductible in the terms stipulated under the Spanish income tax laws (Ley 49/2002, Dec. 23rd, 2002), whereby indivuals can claim an income tax deduction for up to 25% of the donated amount.

You may become a member by filling out the following form:

Member Registration: Fundación Música Abierta