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The importance of music is unquestionable in terms of artistic wealth And for that reason access to it cannot be denied to anyone. It is society which has to adapt to remove the barriers and make it accessible to all. With this collection we present here it is our aim to demolish that first wall, the starting-off point to then continue this project on future occasions.

Fundación Música Abierta

Playing an instrument is not just a question of the mere activity of producing sounds; it is much more than that. It improves one’s creativity, it develops the ability to express feelings and ideas, it facilitates social relationships, it improves physical fitness (increasing and improving the flow of movements), it educates people culturally and in values; it’s fun, it increases the ability for abstract thought, it improves memory, attention and concentration and, above all, it enables people to participate in society on an equal footing with everyone else.

Grabaciones: Cuadernos de música para disCapacidadesThis is the case of Pablo who has grown up surrounded by an enviable musical atmosphere: his brother Samuel plays the trumpet, his mother is a pianist, and some friends study at the conservatory. Pablo has motor problems in his right hand and for this reason started to play the trumpet, although he would have liked to have learned the piano. He doesn't want to play in any major orchestra in the immediate future, however he would like to be able to enjoy playing the piano with the rest of his colleagues and friends.

La Fundación Música Abierta has had close contact with Pablo's case and that of other people due to their disability and lack of access to musical studies that others have. For this reason the main objective of this Foundation is to facilitate access to the practice of music for people with some limitation, enabling them to make the most of all the benefits of music, also improving their physical condition (increasing and improving the smoothness of movements) and above all, enabling them to take part in society with the same opportunities as others. Over the course of history there have been cases of musicians who, due to a disability, have had to adapt their music, or have sought other resources to continue playing. This idea motivated the work presented here. There are currently no compositions adapted to specific disabilities: for example, difficulty of movement in the right hand.

For that reason we wanted to have a group of composers at the height of the contemporary music scene, several of whom have received key awards and prizes, and give them the task of creating suitable music for these students. In this first collection, ten books are presented with pieces for piano, guitar, vibraphone, and some duets for piano and other instruments, accompanied by a CD which includes a selection of some of these, recorded by three prestigious musicians.

Grabación: Cuadernos de música para disCapacidadesThe composers, although "simplifying" the work of the right hand, have not undermined the sophistication or level of the pieces, so this collection will not only be a useful resource for people with mobility difficulties in that hand but may also be studied and interpreted by any musician without any mobility problems. The

Fundación Música Abierta wishes to thank the Consejería de Cultura (Arts Council of the Castilla y León regional government) and the Fundación Siglo para las Artes (Siglo Founation for the Arts) for their inestimable help and collaboration in undertaking this ambitious project in which they have always believed and for which they have supported us without question, due to the high standard of the composers involved and the social need to eliminate an increasing number of barriers in order to offer the same opportunities to everyone.  

The importance of music in terms of cultural richness is unquestionable, and for that reason access to it can be denied to no-one. It is society which has to adapt to eliminate barriers and make it accessible to all. With the collection we present here, we aim to demolish the first wall. This will be a starting off point to continue doing so on future occasions.