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Accessibility applied to Internet content is termed web accessibility. The W3C has developed specific guidelines on the Web to enable and ensure this type of accessibility. The working party within the W3C given the task of promoting this is the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative), which has drawn up a series of Guidelines for Accessibility to Web 1.0 content for this purpose, called the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines).

To achieve these objectives optimum development of this initiative is essential, as well as adaptation to international standards. In this aspect the criteria of the World Wide Web Consortium and the Web Accessibility Initiative are key factors. The first of these produces web quality standards based on the criteria for using different resources (Cascading style sheets, HTML, Resource Description markup, DOM Recommendation, etc.); the second of these safeguards web accessibility for all users, whether disabled persons or not, through self-explanatory content, additional semantics, and structural logic guidelines, graded into three standards (A, AA, AAA).

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W3C Accessibility Guidelines:

Icono de conformidad con el Nivel Doble-A, de las Directrices de Accesibilidad para el Contenido Web 1.0 del W3C-WAI

Double-A standard, in line with Accessibility Guidelines for 1.0 Web Content (WCAG 1.0)

The web page of the Fundación Música Abierta guarantees access to its content information without any type of technical limitations since it is configured by semantic hierarchy and therefore may be accessed from different access devices, platforms and browsers (Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher levels: Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari), A minimum resolution of 1024x768 is recommended for optimal viewing. It has also been designed to facilitate access for users with different levels of disability, following the WAI 1.0 level AA accessibility guidelines laid down by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). It creates a valid code in XHTML style and coding sheets adapted to formal grammars and its analysis does produce any validation errors. In addition, the use of XHTML labels is strict and no tables or labels are used inappropriately, for example for visual or design purposes.

Accessibility Options

At the foot of the page there are 3 functionalities available, aimed at improving accessibility and user experience on the website:

  1. Changing to high contrast: High contrast means that the information is shown using black as the background colour and white as the information colour, making access easier for people with vision impairment. You can go back to the original presentation by choosing: Change to standard contrast".
  2. Change to liquid view: This website is best viewed with a minimum resolution of 1024px by 768px. To extend the viewing spectrum to devices with lower resolutions we provide the option of liquid view, which will adapt to the browser's own resolution, increasing or decreasing this as required. You can go back to the original presentation by choosing: "Change to static view".
    The two functionalities can be combined together.
  3. Change to view without styles: This option deletes all style sheets and presents uncluttered content with no obstacles to viewing, consisting of the text only, images which illustrate the text and hyperlinks. You can see the correct semantic construction, and the hierarchy between titles and content is maintained in order to facilitate access from devices which read the user information.