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Over the course of history there have been cases of musicians who have had to adapt their music due to a disability, or who have sought other resources to be able to continue playing. This idea motivated the work presented here.

What we wanted was to have a group of composers at the pinnacle of the contemporary music scene and give them the task of creating suitable music for these musicians, in this case with a right-hand disability.


Ananda Sukarlan.
For piano, piano and violin, piano and bassoon, piano and baritone, piano and trumpet. 25 pages.
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Author´s note

1. Funfair Fanfare
(piano and trumpet)
4. The Little Princess is sick
(piano and trumpet))
6. When you ´re happy, I´m happy
8. Someone´s stolen her heart (and I found it)
(piano and viola)
12. Daun Jati
(piano and baritone)
14. Eine Kleine (Sehr) Leichte Musik
(piano and bassoon)
19. Nothing gold can stay
(piano and soprano)
22. Sweet sorrow
(piano and violin or alto flute)

Pieces included at the "Música Abierta" CD:

The sleepers (piano and violin, Book 0: "MÚSICA ABIERTA" NOTEBOOKlisten
Sweet sorrow (piano and violin) listen
The pirates are coming (piano 3 hands, Book 0: "MÚSICA ABIERTA" NOTEBOOKlisten