Physical Interaction and Disabled People. A Pioneering Project in Spain. Video-summary, 2012.

Physical Interaction and Disabled People.

A Pioneering Project in Spain. Video-summary, 2012.

The Foundation

The Open Music Foundation was established in February 2009 in the town of Urueña (Valladolid). With a specific focus on music and disability as its two major concerns, the Foundation was set up with the goal of promoting the musical involvement by people with physical, cognitive or sensory impairments. Due to their limitations, some of these people are prevented from playing a musical instrument, dancing or enjoying musical creation. Music is a cultural asset which must be made accessible to all individuals so that they take advantage of its full benefits in the fields of education, therapy, emocional regulation and improvement of social relations.


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The Open Music Foundation has embarked on a number of projects aiming at the ambitious goal of making active and autonomous musical practice fully accessible to people with several kinds of disabilities. In order to reach this goal, the Foundation has signed a number of agreements with public bodies and other institutions so as to undertake quality projects that engage the collaborations of prestigious professionals.


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The first published item in the series features a number of pieces composed for people with a right-hand mobility impairment. During the performance of such pieces, the left hand goes about the standard technical motions as usual, while those for the right hand have been simplified and adapted to the limitations of an individual with a right-arm hemiparesis. The pieces reflect several degrees of difficulty in order to strengthen the student's self-improvement. While the piano is the prevailing instrument, other instrumental ensembles have been contemplated as well.

Each one of the participating composers provides his distinct style, thus enriching the musical wealth of a collection which will no doubt pioneer the integration of people with disabilities in conservatories and music schools, since at present there is a considerable shortage of specific materials to suit the needs of these people. In order to facilitate learning and to boost the users' motivation, a CD has been recorded featuring a selection of these pieces.


Music books for disAbilities

Enrique Igoa, Santiago Lanchares, Sebastián Mariné, Ricardo Moyano, David del Puerto, Jesús Rueda, Ananda Sukarlan, Polo Vallejo and Edson Zampronha



Campaña de microdonaciones

Ponemos en marcha un nuevo proyecto de micromecenazgo a través de la plataforma Verkami que nos ayude a difundir nuestra colección de ‘Cuadernos de música para disCapacidades’, con aportaciones desde 10 €. Sigue leyendo...


Bodegas Protos ha seleccionado nuestro proyecto en la convocatoria del III Brindis Solidario

Durante todo el mes de marzo, estará abierto el plazo de votación a través de su página de Facebook.
El proyecto con más votos será el ganador de la aportación de 10.000 euros.
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Renovado el convenio de prácticas externas con la Universidad de Valladolid

Durante los próximos meses, la Fundación Música Abierta contará con la colaboración de dos estudiantes del grado en Historia y Ciencias de la Música.
Damos la bienvenida a nuestro equipo a Gonzalo Bastida y a Mario Mediero y les agradecemos su interés en nuestro proyecto.


A veces nos preguntamos de qué manera podemos colaborar con una entidad sin ánimo de lucro

La empresa Pérgamo Detectives nos ofrece un espacio publicitario. ¡Gracias, amigos!


Yo soy mecenas de la cultura

Gracias a este proyecto de mecenazgo, hemos conseguido llegar a 124 escuelas de toda España.
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